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Online Casino Biggest Winners Our featured winner in the 'Biggest Winners' Section is Gertrude S. from Brisbane, Australia, became one of our biggest winner of all times, after she scooped up an astounding jackpot of almost $600,000. Incredibly, Gertrude won playing our Progressive Gold Rally just a few weeks after another lucky winner of ours won $1,800,000 on the same game Gertrude, who runs her own travel business, has no plans to stop working and says that although the money won't change her life, it will her help pay the bills and make investments, and provide some added luxury to her family's life. And will she return to the casino? "Yes, I'll continue playing online; I find it to be good stress relief".

Raffle Prize Winners We believe that loyal members deserve more than just bonuses, so we have decided to hold Raffle Prize draws every month! All you have to do is continue playing your favorite casino games during a specific week, because the more you play, the more entries you will be given into the prize draws. We'll let you know during which week you need to play and when the prize draws will be taking place. BIG WINNER DOWN UNDER Gertrude S. from Brisbane, Australia, has taken home some serious cash, having scooped up an astounding progressive Jackpot of nearly $600,000 playing Gold Rally.

Charles Wells, born in 1841, was a tubby, extravagant cockney and is one of the most famous gamblers in history. He is said to be the inspiration behind the song “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo” by Fred Gilbert. He enjoyed the high-life in London his feats had awarded him and spent his money frivolously. Legend has it that whenever he walked into a nightclub, the band would immediately begin playing “The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo”.

In 1981, Wells went to Monte Carlo and wrote himself into history. Although he funded himself with money he had defrauded from investors with claims of fake inventions, Wells turned around £4000 into 1 million francs on roulette. He had broken the bank an astonishing 12 times. Even though private detectives were hired to find out well’s system, on another trip later that year, he made a further 1 million francs in the space of 3 days.

Gertrude was a regular Blackjack and Keno player until she heard about the record jackpot that was won just days before she began playing. She admits being a bit annoyed having missed out on the record jackpot, but it didn't stop her from trying her luck at the same game. Only a few weeks later while playing online at work, she finally struck gold!! Gertrude was speechless when she realized how much she had won, and even her husband didn't believe it when she called with the good news! But sure enough, she was presented with a huge check for $599,377.66 and the family began to celebrate.

Online Casino is an Addiction BLACK JACK success story

It was early in the morning of Sunday the 27th, his bankroll decreased by the percent of 77th. Playing at a table was dealt pocket aces, under the gun the worst of all places. He pushes what he had left into the pot, compared to what he had it wasn’t a lot. Hands became sweaty body was hot. Long story short he took down the pot, 26$ left He was left to gamble, Stood out of his chair and went to play blackjack, he really need my money lost back. He bet 25 only 1 dollar left, the end was near id need to re deposit, but suddenly luck appeared from the closet. A jack and an ace wow id tripled up, up to 76 what was left to lose, lets bet this all and get some more back. Dealer shows K blank, as he looks to my hand. A Queen and a Ace oh what a sight earned back 150 in 3 minutes of the night.

Online Casino is an Addiction Slot success story

HeidiB, a teacher from Ohio is a newly minted instant millionaire striking the big one at online casino for $1,216,557 at a King slot. “I’ve been keeping an eye on the King total, but had only wagered $40.50 when it happened.” said Heidi. “I couldn’t believe I had actually won –it is still hard to believe. I’ve won smaller amounts during the 4 years that I have been playing online, but not even in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’ll be able to call myself a millionaire.”

Online Casino is an Addiction Keno success story

Charlie Jefferson of Portland saved the best for last, when he played three consecutive Keno games at Fred Meyer, West Hollywood, in Portland. Charlie selected his own numbers, and was pretty happy when 2-4-6-24-26-42 appeared on the Keno monitor in the third game he played. Matching all six of his numbers on his six-spot Special Keno ticket made Charlie a $3,986 Special Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus prize winner. Charlie took home $2,500 for matching all six of his numbers, and added a $1,486 Keno Rolling Jackpot Bonus, for a total prize of $3,986.

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