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There are many different forms of poker tournament events to choose from. Whether you're an experienced poker professional, casual online poker tournament player, or just getting started, there's one poker tournament book that you really must read. Learn the Secrets of Winning Texas Holdem Tournaments. Playing in Texas Holdem poker tournament and satellite events is a great way to gain valuable experience and play against some awesome players. First, let's have a look at the different kinds of poker tournament events you can find and participate in. As you'll see, there's no shortage of tournament opportunities to participate in:

  • Sit & Go: the most popular one and two table tournaments are always running, so you can jump into a quick tourney anytime. This is a great way to "get your feet wet" with some tournament action.
  • Free-roll: these are "free", play-money tournaments held regularly on Poker Stars. This is a great way to practice tournament play without risking anything.
  • Online Events - these online tournaments are extremely convenient and therefore highly popular. There are a number of different types of online tournaments
  • Four-player: these tournaments begin with 4 players split across two tables, where each pair of two players play against one another "heads-up", then the winner of each table heads-up match play the final table heads-up against each other. This is an awesome way to sharpen your heads-up play.
  • Heads-up: these tournaments are just what it sounds like - two players going heads-up.
  • Satellites: these are "qualifier" events, where the top N players in each satellite event progress to the next higher level, typically an entry into a bigger tournament event. Chris Moneymaker entered one of these satellite events on Poker Stars and ended up winning the World Series of Poker!
  • Regular Poker Tournament: there are various online tournaments of every imaginable kind. A couple of my favorites are held regularly on Poker Stars and Party Poker sites - check web sites for more details. There are tournaments available with entry fees as low as $1 and higher.
  • Private: some online sites provide a convenient way to host your own private tournaments. This is a fantastic way to hold either a local club tournament or get together with a group of people from across the country or world and play together online periodically. I belong to a local club, and we play in person once per month, and online once per month - very convenient and a lot of fun, too.
  • Private Poker Tournament - home games and local poker club events that are taking place in your local area. You either have to know someone or locate these tournaments through local resources and listings in your area.
  • Casino Ship - public tournaments are often held on casino ships that sail from ports around the world.
  • World Poker Tour - the latest in world-class poker tournament events, made famous by its regular TV appearances and large prizes
  • Casino Poker Rooms - most casino poker rooms now hold regular tournament events.
  • Major Casino Events - the major casinos (e.g., Bellagio, Four Queens, Horseshoe Casino, etc.) hold tournaments on a regular basis. These major events are preceded by a number of satellite events, where the entry fees are much more affordable, and you have an opportunity to leverage your play all the way into the big event. Check the casino web sites for poker tournament schedules.
  • World Series of Poker - the original, most famous poker tournament event held each year at the Horseshoe in Las Vegas

Harrahs World Series of Poker Tournament Circuit

Date Poker Tournament Location

January 7-18, 2005 Harrahs Atlantic City

February 20 - March 1 Harrahs Rincon (located Near San Diego)

March 12-22 Rio Casino Las Vegas

April 26 - May 10 Harveys Lake Tahoe

May 21-30 Harrahs New Orleans World Series of Poker  

June 3 - July 15, 2005 Rio Casino Las Vegas Play in the World Series of Poker Tournament Circuit And earn points toward an invitation to the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions!

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