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heading_rimg CASINO FAQs
Which casinos are the best?

Luckily I have already used the system against many of the top online casinos and have provided a guide to the best ones in terms of trustworthiness, bonus amount and minimum wager, so you don't have to get stung by a casino that won't pay out or who tinkers with the odds. You can view this direct here

Should I cash out as soon as I reach the wager limit? You should cash out about two thirds of the money in your account. So say you put in $200 and you're at $380, cash out $250 then keep playing with the outstanding $130 until you get below, say $100 or above $150, then repeat or cash out the rest if you've had enough. This way you can maximize winning streak and satisfy the casino that you're not an 'advantage player'. The casinos may try to make it difficult for you to cash out your winnings if you take your money at the earliest promising opportunity, it's just too obvious. What I do is put aside about $15 to use just for fun on the slots, or roulette, and leave the money in for a few days, just to be safe.

What is an online casino?

A. An online casino is a gambling portal that offers users the entertainment of playing all their favorite casino games from home on the internet. You can play for free or you can experience the thrill of real money gambling on your computer.

How old do I have to be to gamble at an online casino?

As online casinos can't ask you for your ID when you open an account, they will state that you must follow the laws of the country you are gambling from. It's wise to follow their advice and not gamble underage, as online casinos may ask you for photocopies of your credit card and identification if you win. You don't want to hit a $1,000,000 jackpot and not get paid as you were underage.

If I win big, do I need to declare this income on my taxes?

Generally, you should probably declare all income on your tax return but you can discuss this is more detail with your accountant. If you plan on being a professional gambler, then you will need to start recording your playing time and results, session by session. The IRS has a guide for this: Guide 529 (available at the website). For the best financial and tax advice, you should always discuss issues with your accountant or financial adviser.

At what age is admission to the casino allowed?

You must have attained the age of majority (18 in Austria) to be allowed into a casino.

How do I decide which online casinos are right for me?

You should read the reviews of the best Online Casinos to determine which casinos would be the most suitable or the most attractive to you. There are literally hundreds of online casinos, but many are not reliable or are risky as they are owned by unknown entities. Safety of your money should be of paramount importance, and you also want to get paid if you hit a big jackpot. You should also check out the player reviews for independent opinions of various casinos, and you can add your own reviews of the best online casinos you have played at.

What is required for registration?

You will require a valid official photo identification document (i.e. passport, driving license,). As of 15 June 2003, the Gambling Statute commits us to only identifying guests by means of an official form of photographic ID and then allowing them to gamble. The security of our gambling operations is a great concern for us and we believe that we are therefore also acting in the spirit of our guests.

Which credit cards are accepted in Casino Baden?

Casino Baden accepts – in addition to Bunkmate – the following credit cards: Diners Club, Master, VISA, and JCB.

How long will it take to make money?

How long will it take to make money? Well this will depend on what stakes you play and how your luck pans out in your first session. I recommend you play the lowest stakes possible to start with as this will offset the impact of streaks of bad luck. You can make $100 profit.

And earn more gambling income in four hours much easily playing low stakes, but if you are in a rush you can raise the stakes if you want to increase the risk. Try lowest stakes at first while you get familiar with the system, you are extremely unlikely to have an expensive losing stripe at lower stakes.

What is the risk in casino?

Is this risky then? No! Remember with a 100% deposit bonus you have an advantage over the house of 99.5%, if you stick to the system you will not lose this advantage. It would take very poor play and serious divergence from the perfect system to blow this edge. However you will hit losing streaks from time to time, not every casino you go to will give you a winning session. But for every casino where you don't win, there will be another where you triple or quadruple your profits. That is why it is important not to take each casino in isolation; you will always win in the long run even if you don't do so well at one casino. If you understand the math you will know how certain you are to win overall. Just make sure you concentrate fully on each hand and consult my perfect system chart before making a decision (you should have this memorized fairly quickly).

Is it ever worth staying in casino?

General rule, no. But there are exceptions. You may have heard of the trick that some people use in real life casinos called card counting. Card counters can gain an edge of over 0% against the house by tracking which cards are still left in the deck and adjusting their play accordingly, of course they will have to be using the perfect system as a basis. The casino will ask the player to leave if they are caught but they can't do this online so they make sure they shuffle the cards after every hand. However it is still possible to push up your advantage online even beyond the -0.5% average you will enjoy playing the perfect system. There is also workable roulette and video poker systems that you might want to try for some range. All of this is outlined in the advanced play section.

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