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PLAYING has never been more REWARDING.  Hyped Bingo Nothing but FUN and PRIZES! is now open for YOU! Experience online bingo as it is supposed to be - Hyped UP Entertainment. Great Games, Great Prizes, Great Friends, and Great Side Games all in one Hyped UP Place... Hundreds of other online bingo players JUST LIKE YOU is joining today don’t be the last one to see what Hyped Bingo is offering. High school students fulfill service requirements with bingo the young faces stand out on bingo night. Residents of the retirement community look forward to more activity than usual when South Hagerstown High School students help with the game. "The last time we were here, we had applause and a standing ovation," said junior Emily Forrester, a member of South High's National Honor Society and Key Club, the school's service organization. The young people spin the bingo wheel and call out the numbers or play along with the residents. "They like being visited. They're all really nice and it's fun," one student said.

After the Smoke Cleared, Where Did All the Bingo Players Go? Banning smoking at charity bingo games may have health benefits, but it is proving harmful to earnings In Minnesota, which adopted a statewide ban on smoking in all indoor workplaces in October, revenue from all charity gambling dropped nearly 13 percent in the last quarter of 2007, compared to the same quarter the year before, according to state officials. More than half of the drop — the equivalent of about $100 million annually — was attributed to the new law, they said.

Legionnaires donate bingo money Decatur Legionnaires know how to give away money, distributing $23,600 from their bingo fund. Burney said the money represents 51 percent of total proceeds from bingo, the percentage that the post is required to donate. “We all come together for a good cause,” said Morgan, as he and Jones dipped catfish into a boiling caldron. “We’re pleased to offer our services.”

Legislation would allow bigger bingo games, bigger prizes Church bingo nights potentially could offer high-stakes prizes under legislation that is drawing fire from Indian gaming groups and those concerned about the California's expanding gambling practices. The Catholic Church and other charities are backing the legislation that would allow players in multiple locations to join the same bingo game through an audio or video link. Larger numbers of players would make for larger prizes, up to 37 percent of a game's gross receipts. California now limits prizes to $250 per game.

Sisters celebrate court bingo win Linda Kenny and Doreen Thomas the sisters said they were delighted with the judgment two women who sued their sister for a share of a £50,000 bingo win have been awarded the money by a judge. Linda Kenny, 53, and Doreen Thomas, 57, took their sister Edna Sexton, 59, to court over a claim for a third each. A judge at Chester County Court ruled that Mrs Sexton had gone back on a 2005 oral agreement to share any winnings. He awarded each of the sisters £17,463 - their share with interest. However, the pair, from Runcorn, later claimed that Mrs. Sexton had spent the cash.

Baby at BINGO is Lucky OMEN : Most prospective parents might object to their child being regarded as an "omen", after the film exploits of a certain Damien. But for one bingo fan, the word proved slightly more positive recently, as she attempted to shock her daughter into labor.
The Health Benefits of Online Bingo : Bingo is a game that dates back many centuries. It was initially played on the European continent, and quickly spread to America, shortly after the Second World War. During The Depression, at a time when many forms of entertainment were on a downfall, bingo became more popular.
Best Time For Free Bingo : Since the popularity of bingo has spread onto the Internet, there are many new bingo sites that offer online gamers free play. These bingo sites have recently improved their graphics and sound effects. Look for the best online bingo sites that offer free play.
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