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Poker as a profession and as your main career choice will certainly bring about many rocky roads. It's been said that the rockiest of roads normally take place right after someone decides to gamble for an income. This is supposed to be the truth and tell-all time of a gambler's career and it holds true online and offline. Once you begin to travel down the road of professional gambling as a career, you need to make a point to keep up with things pertaining to your business for tax purposes. You will need to keep up with dining receipts, costs involved with overnight hotel stays, travel tickets, event tickets, mileage, and a host of other expenses that you can write-off just like you would be able to in any other business. In addition to keeping up with your receipts and expenses, you'll need to make sure to collect your win-loss statements each year.

Online players who have skilled weeks and weeks of continuous wins in the online poker rooms know how tempting it can be to become a professional online poker player. After countless wins and few losing sessions, many people have in fact, become professional online poker players and it is a growing phenomenon. Online professional players have to be more disciplined than the average player. In fact, they probably have strict guidelines for how they manage their money. Most of these players will play in sit and go tournaments as well as ring games but aren't necessarily pulled into the much larger tournaments except the tournaments which warrant further inquiry into the purse. Win-loss statements are something everyone from the recreational or occasional gambler to the professional gambler should collect every year. Why? Because if you don't you are setting yourself up for an audit if you are a big winner overall for the year. Win-loss statements are easy to obtain, just contact the casino accounting department or credit department for your statement each year. If you were a big loser in the casino, then of course, they'll be thrilled to send it to you.

Gambling as a profession can make people very humble because even when times are good for you, it is often that you see when times are not so great for the other players. The saddest part of the profession is to come face to face with the people who are addicted to gambling and can't seem to quit. When you look into those empty eyes, you'll know you have seen the very bottom of where gambling can lead. Still, gamblers press on and if they are going to gamble for a living, then running into people down on their luck from time to time shouldn't stop them from doing what they mean to do and that is to take it all whenever possible.
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